Protect Your Home From Heat Damage

Protect Your Home From Heat Damage

Schedule attic insulation services in Houston, TX or West Valley City & Salt Lake City, UT and surrounding areas

Not all insulation is the same. Gone are the days of blowing the pink stuff in your attic and calling it good. In fact, without the proper environment, insulation can be harmful, not to mention, ineffective. We are different than the guy that will give you a 5 minute measure, cheap price then blow in the cheapest quality product he can buy. We understand and provide attic SOLUTIONS. We know the five fundamentals of efficiency in the ecosystem of your attic - and so should you! After listening to the issues in your home and your objectives, we can recommend and provide the solutions you need.

Don't settle for subpar insulation services

While most other insulation companies will just install the pink insulation, HomEze takes it a step further. We complete a reflective barrier installation to help protect your home from...

  • Mold growth
  • Rot patches
  • Moisture damage
  • Wood siding damage

You don’t want to cut corners by using spray foam or just setting for pink insulation. Arrange for our home and attic insulation services today.

Our Home Energy Solutions include:

  • Complete Insul-LOK Attic solutions
  • Tier One Solar Panels and Installation
  • HomEze Kleer High-efficiency windows
  • Insulation, ventilation, air-sealing,heat management, attic maintenance and repair